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What fun to compare the data from one site with that from another.

Photo provided by Mark Fitzsimmons

Colleagues from around the world share data with us, and we are happy to reciprocate. Researchers of note include Andrei Tabarev, Tom Gilbert, Eske Willserslev, Steve Jett, Betty Meggers, Priscilla Wegars, and others whose work will be included in this website.  Please look them up online in the interim!


Image on left courtesy of Dr. Reid Bryson and CCR.  Was the Land Bridge a viable route for the earliest peopling of the Americas? Not according to experts such as Dr. Betty Meggers and Dr. Reid Bryson.

Article:  Read about the relationship between archaeology and old or ancient climate data for the Salem, Oregon area: 

web3PaleoXSalem  All of the information was ground truthed”, through excavations and laboratory analysis.

This article was originally published in Screenings, a publication of the Oregon Archaeological Society.