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Other Woodburn site information is available at Webshots–just google  astenger webshots, or, and the link will take you there. The letter report of this project, and the summary of past work, can be accessed through WBHS (1).doc.

Project information is also featured in the Salem Statesman Journal.  Use the following link for photos and story information.

Work continues at Woodburn! We are continuing, in the summer, to investigate a Pleistocene site with microfauna, avifauna, and megafauna.  Collaboration with specialists in these areas will allow for the proper identification of the species.  Occasionally we even see hints of a human presence, through materials such as naturally shed human hair.  One was hand excavated at Legion Park, by physical anthropologist Lyle Hubbard.  The hair had a 3 point provenience, and dated to 12,050 radiocarbon years before present.

We are currently planning to work the High School site, Mammoth Park, next summer.

Rib from B. antiquus, the extinct Giant Bison