About Us



The Institute for Archaeological Studies (IAS) is a non-profit organization,dedicated to both research and education. IAS works almost exclusively with public agencies, colleges, and universities. The professional archaeologists and paleontologists within the organization, however, help to connect individuals and private businesses with the appropriate specialists.

Observing and documenting the material from a past culture is part of thearchaeologist’s job. Some tool types can identify populations that are no longer in the area, or groups that may no longer xist at all.

Our specific areas of expertise include paleoarchaeological resources,

prehistoric and protohistoric sites, early historic occupation and use areas, and Asian sites of rural and urban contexts. We investigate cultural areas that are underwater, partially saturated, or fully terrestrial.


Students, the general public, and other professionals work on IAS projects. Our field protocol includes wearing hair nets and gloves, to avoid contamination of the site areas. But the results are worth it. Regardless of the initial research design, science determines the results of each project.

Even unidentified populations may leave clues behind that tell us about their lives. The archaeological record, including objects such as this pendant of fired clay, tells a detailed story.