In July, a limited number of people with an interest in the Ice Age animals of the Willamette Valley will have an opportunity to work with archaeologists and paleontologists. Participants will have an opportunity to try both field and laboratory work.  The planned site is in Woodburn, where giant ground sloths with 6” (15 cm) claws, and the remains of a 12,000 year old predator bird the size of a van, have been documented. Ancient horses, camels, and giant bison have also been excavated there.

This opportunity will be offered through the Institute for Archaeological Studies. A $20.00 per person donation is hoped for, but not mandatory. No children, please.

In August,  through Portland Community College, the partial remains of other extinct giant animals (megafauna) may also be excavated.  This will be at a second site, about one mile from the July excavation. Here, we anticipate locating part of a herd of extinct giant bison (Bison antiquus), and starting their excavation. As we work down to the depths of these extinct animals, we may locate and document evidence of a past human presence, in the form of stone flakes that were produced during the times that these ancient creatures lived in the Valley, and naturally shed human hair from the same time period.  This opportunity is offered through Portland Community College. The class always fills quickly, so if you are interested, please contact PCC as soon as enrollment opens, to be added to the list.

These are different parts of the same sites we tested last summer, and some photos are posted on this website.