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The Archaeology of Hawaii Oahu and the Big Island


The real history of old Hawaii awaits all visitors.  Our group walked a short ways on the King’s trail, and journeyed to a bay with ancient fishponds and fish traps, from a site once used by royalty. We watched for ancient petroglyphs and migrating humpback whales, then cooled off with a relaxing afternoon snorkeling. 


We also visited an ongoing research and restoration project, where native plant and bird species and archaeological sites are now being studied for their relationship to the Hawaiian culture. We respectfully walked the battlefield where the fate of  Hawaii’s religion was settled and where stone coffins still give mute testimony to the pain of this clash. We also experienced a 600 year old village where Kahunas still come to train. 

Learn the true history of Hawaii based on recent archaeological findings, and then hear the version the tourists are told.  Dr. Alison Stenger of the Institute for Archaeological Studies will be the trip leader. Each trip is custom designed for your special interests.  This opportunity is being offered by IAS, through Portland Community College.  Trip includes round trip airfare from Portland, all hotel accommodations, all transfers during the trip, shared rental car on Hawaii, park fees, and much more.  Travel dates were Feb. 20-25, 2012, and will be a similar time in 2013.  (Ask about possible discount for two booking together.)  If you have questions, or want to sign up, please contact us! 

PCC Kauai

The Institute for Archaeological Studies introduces people to archaeological sites each year.  The site in the summer of 2011 was in Woodburn. Before that, in the winter of 2011, we traveled to the island of Kauai.Some images, below, are a glimpse of that island trip.

Please contact us, or Gary Palmer at Portland Community College, for more information on the Kauai adventure for next year –

Travel dates will be in early March of 2012, and will probably include two islands.  Deanna is our travel person –

Steps leading away from the Russian Fort can be explored. On the RIGHT, a Royal birthplace can be visited.

A visit to a village site, and then to enjoy a snorkeling beach, is a great way to end a day’s excursion. Prehistoric and historic sites often overlap.

The past can tell us so much. The information contained on grave markers can tell of longevity, disease, and some family histories. 

Walk with an archaeologist through the past, and visit paradise at the same time!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.13.52 AM

Yet, even before the tours start, Kauai’s cultural past will wrap around you… starting with displays at the airport! Take a moment to enjoy the items on display, and read the signage, before proceeding to collect your luggage. This, alone, can help to put you on “island time”.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.14.02 AM

Upland sites are difficult to detect on Kaua’i, due to the amount of vegetation that generally obscures them. However, this site has just been re-identified, and restoration has begun. The restoration process  will be ongoing for awhile, as the site is so very significant. Now, even signage is in place.